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Single Origin Choco Tasting

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Experience the Local Harvested Cacao turn into chocolate by the chocolate concierge.

In This chocolate tasting session, we will provide 3 to 4 type of cacao source from different state in Malaysia to experience it terroir, processing and taste note of the cacao bring over to the chocolate.
(include 1 or 2 type of Cacao Excellence Award medal chocolate )  

it will be serving in chocolate bar form or hot chocolate form.

- Fruit & Nut for palate warm up.
- Cacao Husk tea entry.
-  3 type Chocolate Bar tasting.
-  3 Hot Chocolate tasting.
- Finish with a cup of single origin fruity/floral type espresso.

* if you do have any allergy in nut/milk please let me know in advance, we will arrange other substitute for your consumption. 
* the tasting session will need to book at least a day in advance for us to prepare the ingredients for the day.

the tasting session around 40-50min per session.