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Guatemala. Rum Barrel Process(2nd batch pre order)

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What is Rum Barrel Coffee Process? 

After picking the Coffee Cherry and Sundry the coffee will be transfer to a used Rum Barrel to ferment naturally, once the coffee is roasted the aromatic and tasted note of Rum & Sweetness will contribute to the cup as taste note.

*no alcohol has been involved in the progress, roasting degree will be hit 200c  above. 

Processing Method : Natural Sundry ,Rum Barrel Process
Coffee origin           : Guatemala
Farm                        : (Unknow) Secrets

Roasting Degree :
Medium light roasted in order to preserve more Rum Barrel taste note

Tasted Note :
Rum , Strawberry/Dried Apricot sweetness ,Gentle Berries Acidity, Black Tea- like.

In Milk Base:
Strawberry Milk , Milk chocolate , Slightly Berries Taste 

Due to the limited quantity, we estimated total only 4.4kg of coffee bean can be provide.

Each batch of coffee will be around 2.5kg roasted coffee bean,
We only provide pre order before start to roast our coffee.

Second Batch  will be roasted again by end of OCT/ start of NOV.

*First batch will be roasted by  first week of OCT ( 7th OCT 2020) * Completed