Greetings for New Year & Triple Brazil beans origin

May 2021 be an extraordinary one!

Start your year with the right coffee taste. We would like to reintroduce our all-time bestseller beans: Brazil Fazenda Cruizero. This is the third year of roasting this beans. It has a prominent taste of dark chocolate, roasted peanut and buttery finishing.

Currently, we got 3 Brazil natural sundried coffee beans: Brazil Fazenda Cruzeiro, Brazil Samba & Brazil Trapia Acaia. Ranging from strong nutty and chocolatey taste to tealike and stone fruit profile. Usually, beans origanted from Brazil are mostly nutty and chocolately. Brazil Samba not only has nutty note but also a hint of sweet and light citrusy finish. Hence, creating a complex and interesting cup of coffee. For medium-light roasted Trapia Acaia, you can taste a full bloom fruitness upon sipping. Your mind and nose will fall in love with the fruitness interplay between stone fruit and berries.

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