A Coffee come from tacos empire , Mexico

Beautiful Finca Guadalupe Zaju located right on Chiapas, Mexico’s famed, the region has the name as ‘Ruta de Cafe’ mean ‘Route of Coffee’ rides along the Guatemalan border, north from the border town of Tapachula, through Mexico’s famed Soconusco region.

The coffee farm has been pass down through different generation and owner, it started by 450 immigrant from Germany to the Soconusco region with their great effort of farming and works, Soconusco has successfully transformed into coffee powerhouse! Between 1895 and 1900.

In 1945 the Finca Guadalupe Zaju is brought by Hamburg-born businessman name Hans Asmus Luethje and His son Juan Luethje carried on the legacy on managing the farm, somehow 50 years later the impact of low coffee prices challenged the farm’s economic viability and the farm was sold to the others when coffee prices hit rock bottom in 2003.

until recent Eduardo ‘Teddy’ Esteve purchased the farm in 2004, in order to make the farm into a bastion of quality again , he ensure that portion of the farm will remain forested during 2011 he has purchased the neighbor farm for increase the variety's contribute to the crops.  

Guadalupe Zaju is 100% shade grown and the farm has plant Magnolia from Guatemala  due to the fact that it is evergreen and has less leaf fall. it structure as sturdy tree and become the role of high canopy, so it protected the farm as know being windy.

All coffee on the farm is selectively hand harvested and sorted for this anaerobic process then the submerged in a tank of water to remove the floaters, the cherries are soaked for four hours to hydrate the exterior skin and transitions to the 82-hour anaerobic fermentation and carefully breakdown the delicate sugars in the coffee’s pulp. Once complete, the coffee is dried on raised beds for 26 days and placed under shade for an additional 6 days to stabilize humidity.

if the region experiences insufficient sun to dry the entirety of the farm’s production on patios all of the export quality coffee will using the farm’s 10 guardiolas to dry the coffee, the temperatures of these wood fired driers are carefully monitor and the coffee is dried at a slow and constant temperature of 40 degrees until they reach between 11-12% humidity.